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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

USA: Phil Parisot - Creekside (2017)


His second recording as a leader, Seattle drummer/composer Phil Parisot's 'Creekside' is a reflection on how nature manifests itself within urban environments. Within cityscapes, the natural world can be perceived as the primordial soup of origin, an invigorating point of departure, or an enveloping sanctuary. These perspectives are explored and embellished upon by Parisot's group as they tread through waters both timeless and visionary. Besides his usual working quartet with Steve Treseler on tenor saxophone, Dan Kramlich on piano, and Michael Glynn on acoustic bass, 'Creekside' features New York trumpeter, Tatum Greenblatt.

USA: MJ Territo Jazz at Kitano Thursday December 21st Sets at 8 pm & 10 pm

MJ Territo
Appearing at
Jazz at Kitano
Thursday, December 21st
Sets at 8 pm & 10 pm

MJ Territo, vocals
Linda Presgrave, piano
Iris Ornig, bass
Barbara Merjan, drums

Jazz at Kitano
66 Park Avenue at 38th Street
NYC 10016
Reservations:  212-885-7119
$17 Cover + $20 minimum

Critics love MJ's new CD "Ladies Day" 
Downbeat 3-1/2 stars
MJ Territo is a veteran singer who is very much a storyteller. With a 
calm delivery and ear for poetry, she sticks to the lyrics of songs while 
giving them a gentle swing. As the set progresses, Territo’s versatility and subtle creativity grow. Her singing on “True” is beautiful,
and she is properly fetching on Dearie’s “I’m Shadowing You.” —Scott Yanow

All About Jazz: 
Vocalist MJ Territo celebrates all things women on her ambitious and 
overdue Ladies Day. What this recording proves to be
is one of the most attractive  standards sets imagined, because these standards… are not so standard. Territo… expertly guides this welcome romp through the 
less known….This is a collection of finely composed songs expertly 
delivered in a thoughtful and compelling production. Well done!
--C. Michael Bailey 


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BELGIUM: Fabien Degryse & Joël Rabesolo-Softly ...(Midnight Muse Records 2017)

Fabien Degryse & Joël Rabesolo | Softly ... 

 "Softly ..." revisits jazz repertoire (Softly as in a Morning Sunrise, Stompin 'at the Savoy), as well as Malagasy pop (Voninavoko) and traditional music (Pangalana). There are also original compositions (Inty hira inty mampanontany, Muir Woods).
The music is bright, accessible and sophisticated at the same time. It goes straight to the heart, thanks not only to the rapport between the two musicians, but also to the swing and groove arising out of each piece. Fabien’s jazz phrasing responds to the more pop style of Joël, and the mix of genres is a real success.

As indefinable as it is, this original music can’t help but touch a wide audience open to jazz, song, folk, blues or pop. An audience open to the world. An audience open, simply, to good music.


Softly reprend un répertoire jazz, mais aussi pop ou folk. On y retrouve également des compositions originales.
La musique est lumineuse, accessible et sophistiquée à la fois. Elle touche directement au cœur grâce la complicité des deux musiciens mais aussi grâce au swing et au groove qui émane de chacun des morceaux. Le phrasé jazz de Fabien répond, à celui, plus pop, de Joël et le mélange des genres est une véritable réussite.

Aussi indéfinissable soit-elle, cette musique originale ne peut que toucher un large public, ouvert au jazz, à la pop, la chanson, au folk, au blues ou la pop. Un public ouvert au monde. Un public ouvert, simplement, à la bonne musique.



Monday, November 20, 2017

USA: Saxophonist Justin Young pours his heart and Detroit soul into "Blue Soul"

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Saxophonist Justin Young pours his heart and Detroit soul into “Blue Soul”

The single, “High Definition,” from the album released on Friday gains ground at radio amidst positive reviews.

SEATTLE (17 November 2017): Several years in the making plus nearly a full year of paving the way for a successful release by issuing a trio of infectious singles throughout 2017, saxophonist Justin Young finally dropped his fourth album, “Blue Soul,” on Friday. The JustnTime Records platter packs a two-fisted punch of potent pop, jazz and R&B hooks along with the heart and soul of Young’s Detroit upbringing. The vibrant new single, “High Definition,” is presently impacting playlists nationally, adding powerful Billboard-reporting radio stations weekly. Enhancing the buzz are favorable record reviews and the announcement of a December 10 album release concert celebration at Columbia Winery near Seattle (Woodinville), Young’s adopted hometown.         
A hardworking hustler and a charismatic contender deservedly on the cusp of a major breakthrough in the smooth/contemporary jazz realm, Young grew up in Hitsville USA, the son of a musician father. Spending his formative years in close proximity to Motown became a major influence on how he makes music. He recorded “Blue Soul” live in the studio, collaborating with a talented team of first-call players and accomplished musicians, songwriters, producers and mix engineers, including fellow sax players and Billboard chart-toppers Jackiem Joyner and Darren Rahn, former Earth, Wind & Fire guitarist-vocalist Sheldon Reynolds, noted bassists Alex Al and Hussain Jiffry, and the late drummer to the stars, Ricky Lawson. Young plies his soprano, alto and tenor sax to a songbook that spans ebullient instrumental pop, deep R&B grooves with a sniff of Detroit funk, and unfettered jazz soloing.

The dozen tracks on “Blue Soul” – originals with all but one co-written by Young - are slickly produced and thoughtfully textured, presenting readily-accessible melodies and lush harmonies. Bubbling with enthusiasm and positive energy, the saxman climbed the charts during the first quarter of the year with the undeniable “Always There.” He cruised through summer by dropping “Jazz Along the 101.” Radio outlets were recently serviced “High Definition” and the chart ascension has begun. The strength of the material on “Blue Soul” bodes to continue Young’s momentum and magnify his growth well into the New Year.

Below are excerpts from some of the initial album reviews:

“Saxophonist Justin Young’s new album, Blue Soul, is a neat package… beautifully highlights the warmth and delicacy that comes flooding through…One of the neat things about Young’s playing is the way he will toss time around. Playing on the offbeat in little staccato phrases one minute then effortlessly running a continuous smooth refrain over that same backbeat the next… Quality work from a quality artist.” – The Smooth Jazz Ride

“One of my top 3 albums of this year.” – Exclusive Magazine

“The great attention to the smallest detail coupled with highest musicianship and the passion for quality…This album is a fresh approach to how smooth jazz has to sound nowadays.” – Smooth Jazz Daily

“Catchy, memorable…delivered with the slickness that the best smooth jazz is noted for.” – Soul and Jazz and Funk

“The smoking young sax man rounds the edges off his Detroit soul/jazz past and delivers a solid entertainment disc that serves up old school smooth jazz.” – Midwest Record  

“A fine smooth jazz album, and recommended for saxophone fans.” - Keys & Chords

“Soulful smooth jazz.” – Jazz Weekly

For additional information, please visit www.JustinYoungSax.com.

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Contact: Rick Scott: 310.306.0375

CANADA: PJ Perry Quartet- Alto Gusto (2017)

Alto Gusto

A veteran of the Boss Brass Orchestra and an Order of Canada recipient for music, PJ Perry is Canada's reigning king of the alto saxophone. With a seemingly endless supply of ideas, Ease It is Perry in full flight. A blistering live set, Perry is matched by a trio that includes Steve Wallace on bass, pianist Jon Mayer, and Quincy Davis on drums. Live bebop at its swinging, fiery best!

USA: Video - Antonio Sanchez's ‘Momentum’ from BAD HOMBRE album

From his BAD HOMBRE album
Antonio Sanchez performs

Momentum - Bad Hombre - Antonio Sanchez

Antonio Sanchez
(drums, keyboards, electronics, voice)

A drum solo by Antonio Sanchez, one of the most sought after drummers of his generation. The four-time Grammy award winning artist describes the experience an "...experimental project in the sense that it is a complete departure from anything I've ever done in the past as a drummer, composer, producer and engineer. Art is a reflection of life so I took a look at what had been happening in the world, realized that a surprising level of anger, frustration and awareness had been growing in me due to the political situation in the United States. I also wanted to have something that represented my Mexican heritage in a very emphatic way at some point in the album. Taking all these feelings and putting them into the creative process is always very cathartic and playing drums has always been a very meditative and healing ritual for me, so I wanted to develop this project starting with the instrument that has been with me since I can remember. The drum set. I found this project to be one of the most liberating endeavors I've ever set myself to do. Almost like having an alter ego. The Bad Hombre."


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