JWQ Showcase 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017



Oct 13: LaSalle College, Singapore

Oct 13: Artistry Space, Singapore (presented by Ujikaji Records)

Oct 14: RAW Art Space (workshop), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Oct 14: FONO, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (presented by Public School/Resonance)

Oct 15: Live Fact, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Presented by Soundscape Records)

Oct 17: @America (workshop), Jakarta, Indonesia

Oct 18: TBC

Oct 19: Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Presented by YesNoWave)

Oct 20: Bandung International Digital Arts Forum (BIDAF), Bandung, Indonesia

Oct 21: @America (US Embassy Sponsored), Jakarta, Indonesia

Oct 22: Reyog Jazz Festival, Ponogoro, East Java, Indonesia


USA: Selina Albright's successful "Conversations" makes Christmas Tour with Koz "Possible"Selina Albright's successful "Conversations" makes Christmas Tour with Koz "Possible"

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elina Albright’s successful “Conversations” makes Christmas Tour with Koz “Possible”

Multi-format radio play, favorable reviews and a busy concert calendar boost the R&B-jazz singer’s debut album.

FRISCO (18 September 2017): It is mid-September yet R&B-jazz singerSelina Albright has already booked her holiday season travel plans thanks in part to a pair of buzzworthy singles at multiple radio formats along with enthusiastic reviews for her debut album, “Conversations,” which was issued on the Golden Rays Music label. Albright was invited to embark upon a 24-city U.S. concert tour as the featured vocalist on the Dave Koz 20thAnniversary Christmas Tour during which the smooth soul singer will share the spotlight with the charismatic saxophonist and his fellow contemporary jazz luminaries David BenoitRick Braun and Peter White. The tour kicks off November 24 in Atlanta and wraps December 23 in Cerritos, California.   

Even before “Conversations” dropped, Albright, who co-produced three songs and wrote the album’s candid and confessional lyrics that she describes as “like my own therapeutic diary,” captured attention and charted at smooth jazz outlets globally with the lead single, “Eat Something,” an empowering mid-tempo R&B ode to self-love that celebrates comfort and security in a romantic relationship by packing on a few pounds. The song, bolstered by slick guitar licks from Kay-Ta Matsuno, immediately connects with listeners – especially women – who called radio stations to request the cut that premiered nationally on SiriusXM Watercolors’ Dave Koz Lounge. “Eat Something” has now crossed over to urban adult contemporary (UAC) radio - including at SiriusXM’s UAC programming – and is gobbling up airplay.  

While the first single continues its chart ascent at UAC radio, smooth jazz programmers have embraced the follow-up, “Possible,” another affirmation of self-acceptance. Albright explains, “I wrote ‘Possible’ with hope of finding that one person who would make me feel loved and accepted just as I am. Now that I’m married to that person, I've found that it’s equally important - if not most important - to accept myself. That’s when the light bulb truly came on for me! My heart and mind opened to new possibilities, and I was able to experience the freedom and fearlessness I was put on this earth to achieve. I believe we all have to peel our own layers of doubt away and be true to ourselves in order to live our lives to the fullest. This is why the (accompanying) music is minimal for much of the song. I needed the focus to be on the message so that listeners could celebrate - not suppress - their zest for life.”

The daughter of multiple Grammy nominee and contemporary jazz sax titan Gerald Albright, Selina grew up in the company of her father’s colleagues, but has relied on the power and grace of her vocal gifts to pave her own way. For more than a decade, she has toured and recorded with a wide array of notables in jazz, R&B and EDM. In recent years, she’s been featured on Benoit’s A Charlie Brown Christmas Tour and is fond of touring during the holiday season.

"I really love touring during Christmas because I see nothing but smiles from the stage. It's as if barriers can finally come down for the season, and we can all relax and focus on what's important: friends, family, love and music!” said the radiant and shapely Albright, who continues her Conversations Tour until the Christmas tour commences. "Dave Koz, Peter White, Rick Braun and David Benoit have been part of my adoptive musical family for years. So for me, the Koz Christmas Tour will be a special reunion when we can celebrate each other's talents while on stage together. This is one tour that I know the people will feel the joy and love in the music! And, of course, music aside, the food enthusiast in me cannot wait to enjoy the local cuisine in each city we visit."

“Conversations” was produced by Chris “Big Dog” DavisJames “JRob” Roberson and Albright, and contains performances by Gerald Albright, White, Matsuno, Randy Ellis and David P. Stevens. Below are excerpts from a sampling of album reviews:     

“One of the brightest new stars in that crossover galaxy somewhere between contemporary jazz and R&B.” – Smooth Jazz Therapy

“Selina blossoms fully as a transcendently soulful, urban jazz/R&B singer-songwriter.” – SmoothJazz.com

“Albright brings her brand of fiery, soul-reaching music right to where you live, keeping you riveted to her charm. This is her debut album, but those of us who’ve witnessed her live knew what to expect when she finally unleashed this beauty.” – The Smooth Jazz Ride

“Albright channels her R&B side that shares her heart on both sleeves. Backed by production from James Roberson and Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis, Albright’s flexible pipes and songwriting unquestionably steals the spotlight.” – The Urban Music Scene

“Selina delivers her own therapeutic diary, in a soft soul and sultry jazz setting.”- Keys & Chords

“Selina pushes the envelope in R and B with a stylish nod to jazz with a really identifiable vocal sound.” – The Hollywood Times

For more information, including a complete concert itinerary, please visitwww.SelinaAlbright.com.

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USA; Sam Gendel- HAT TRICK (2017)

Sam Gendel: alto saxophone, wavedrum, live effects

Friday, September 22, 2017

CANADA: Condition West Recordings-A Tale of Two Trios (2017)

USA:Davida Singer & John Rangel- Naked Romance(2017)

Davida Singer & John Rangel | Naked Romance
"Davida Singer is a love gangster, a trickster. Writing in her honey drawl for all she's worth. Writing with a passion so indomitable it will keep you hungering for one more poem. Like Lorca, she dreams that we are all love singers, poems waiting to be read aloud." Frank London, Grammy Award-winning composer/trumpeter

NAKED ROMANCE is a fusion of poetry and music, featuring poetry and voice by New York poet/performance artist Davida Singer and a jazz and classical-inspired score composed and performed by Santa Fe-based composer/pianist John Rangel. Texts come from Singer's collection of poetry, NAMED ROMANCE AND THEN SOME (Aldrich Press, 2015). Inspired by the poet's experience of living in New York City and Taos, New Mexico, they explore the yearning for connection in an increasingly disquieted and desensitized world, while finding magic in everyday life. The goal of this project is for the two art forms -- poetry and music -- to breathe into one another, with each medium retaining its own integrity and distinct voice.

The multimedia project "Naked Romance" has been performed in New York City, Santa Fe and Taos, with original videos by Swiss visual artist Nicole Schmoelzer.

CHILE:Carlos Saunier- Inminente (2017)

This album corresponds to a set of compositions of instrumental jazz with multiple contemporary influences. Contains elaborate and complex language in quartet format with tenor sax, guitar, electric bass and drums

Claudio Rubio - Tenor Sax
Maxi Alarcón - Tenor Saxo (themes 1 and 3)
Francisco Barahona - Bass
Felix Lecaros - Drums
Carlos Saunier - Guitar and Composition

Thursday, September 21, 2017

NETHERLANDS/SOUTH KOREA: Saskia Laroo: Jazz meets Hip-Hop" tours South Korea

This coming weekend, our project "Jazz meets Hip-Hop" tours South Korea to perform at: 
Friday, September 22  @ 7:00 PMSaskia Laroo's JAZZKIA+Jazz Meets Hip-Hop @ Boogie Woogie Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
Saturday, September 23 @ 2:00 PMSaskia Laroo's JAZZKIA+Jazz Meets Hip-Hop @ Jeonju University, Jeonju, South Korea
Sunday, September 24 @ 7:30 PMSaskia Laroo's JAZZKIA+Jazz Meets Hip-Hop @ KF Cheonggyecheon Music Festival , Seoul, South Korea